About Big Barn World

Big Barn World is the new farming sensation where you can play on your own or join up with friends to achieve big things – like building your booming farm and growing your massive crops.  Including lots of big juicy melons!

Join forces with new friends and farmers in Big Barn World and split the profits - it's a win-win for everyone!

What You Will Find: The works! Including green ogres, money trees, gingerbread houses and black horses. There are plenty of items in store that will help you build your farming empire, as well as lots of specialty seasonal items to look forward to.

Who Can I Be Friends With In Big Barn World? Anyone and everyone! Say hello to new farmers and send unlimited friend requests. There are tons of places where you can meet new friends and learn about the latest farming tips and strategies, including forums, chat rooms and farm walls.

Get farming! If you are already an airG member what are you waiting for? Get farming! Those juicy melons won’t harvest themselves. If you haven’t joined airG’s most entertaining  farming community yet then sign up now!!


What phone service or phone do i need to become V.I.P?

Yohooo! !! Sale.. tnx airg s

How make a vip profile in poland ?

I play all the time I'd love a pink dragon please...

Como le ago quiero ser VIP m pueden ayudar quedare muy agradecida

Ok, I'm not one for complaining but this is starting to get annoying. every now and then i'll spin in from the tree house and it'll show me 1 prize but when i check out my barn it shows me a different prize. this has happened to me and also another farmer i know name beautiful_dreams. the 1st i considered it to be a glitch but this is the 3rd for me and the 5th time for beautiful_dreams. Who do i complain about this??? cuz this is starting to become irritating.. plz help.

How do I get credits to buy my plots?

Quiero comprar creditos.cm le.ago

Quiero comprar creditos.cm le.ago

love your game.allways a new twist thanks airg..

Me gusta el juego

quiero ser vip como le hago inscibanme por favor

como compro crrditos

no entiendo nadaaaaaa

Kiero ser vip como le ago

Tengo mucho tiempo ke kiero agregar credito y no poedo

No. M. Parese. K. Una. Siembra. D. Menos. D. Lo. K. Cuesta. La. Semilla.

Want to be vip but cant put money on it what else can i do to be vip?


Kiero ser vip ke tengo ke acer?


Si eres de mexico tienes que usar la compania telcel

Right now, Goslings are only VIP subscription. And yet NOT ALL carriers are supported. Now you have Airg Credits and the Same thing is happening. Can't the team come together and make away for us to use Barn World Dollars to purchase Credits? Say like 10Barn Dollars - 1 Airg Credit

Como me puedo acer mienbro vip?:d

Yo tampokoo

Quim m ayuda ser bip:(

Why do u have that the sale is 4pm but it happens b4 then? Im on Ga time i want super melons yall need 2 keep extra

Vip por favor

Vip por favor amigos algien k me ayuda sip

Kiero aserme vip por favor ayudenme. Gracias

Can i get a pink dragon what plot tape& i like to be VIP & get AirG credits how do i get it? Ty vvm.

Still waiting u pink& VIP, AIrG credits pink dragon ? ENGLISH PLEASE TY,



Los lotes VIP no los pueden poner hasta abajo para que la granja no se vea tan dispareja

Whats the dynimate for ?

I hope the phillipines to use a vip

im with what he said

Como le hago para comprar creditos?????

como entro a jugar

can i play bbw on my laptop??? ans pls

Q gana uno ayudando en la granja d melonies cuando ella pide ayuda??


Cmo le hago para obtener créditos

Airg yo avía echo vip a una amiga y me la desactivaron quiero q me digan :@ xq

Airg necesito mi clave para acceder a mi juego,big barn world,farmig

Tengo muncho esperando x mi vip ya edepocitado dinero y nomas nada favor ayudame grasias

tienes que vivir en US creo y no todas la telefonias gringas tienen el acceso al VIP Y creditos :\ igual si vives en otro pais no creo ke sirva para algun pais latino xq yo vivo en Costa Rica y no me dejan tampoco ...asi ke tendremos ke esperar mientras solo veremos como los estadounidenses son privilegiados y los demas no ... es una lastima xq airg se basa en gran parte de extrajeros.

Mean suspendido mi cuenta para comprar creditos kisiera mela reistalarar xfa

What is the silo for exactly?


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